How do Bidparent transparent offers on MLS listed homes work?

How do Bidparent transparent offers on MLS listed homes work?

Make transparent offers for MLS homes

Sellers or their representatives
post homes for sale

Buyers can see offers on homes for sale with this new, transparent way to buy & sell homes

Buyers may start low and set
their maximum offer, or reserve
amount, which automatically
increases with other higher offers

Sellers can accept, reject, counter, and verify any/all  offers; no fee to make an offer

Buyers and sellers that agree to an offer selected may use standard real estate contracts and close on the property after agreed upon terms are executed

Old way:

  • “Highest and best” offers and bidding wars without knowing other offers
  • Nonsense by parties selling a home which sellers may not be aware of
  • Wasted time, stress, and discouraging for buyers, sellers, and agents making, writing, and reviewing inferior offers 
  • Lengthy commitment and rigid listing contract with selling at a specified price

Bidparent way:

  • No more stress or games or waiting to see if an offer is “highest and best”
  • Transparent – can see all offers
  • Can track how much time left before end of opportunity to make an offer
  • Ability to make an offer automatically extends if last minute offer made
  • No requirement to sell a home; can accept, reject, or counter any offer

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