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Free and accurate local market estimate for your home by a human. Click the chat window below for a fast response. Contact us now before you list your home. We’ll save you time, money, and may even advise you NOT to sell.

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Free & accurate home value:

Do NOT rely on third party website estimates and leave money on the table. More importantly than a FREE estimate, which anyone or any website software can do, we will provide you with tips on what to do, and more importantly what NOT to do. This will help in your unique, one of a kind situation, get the most amount of money to sell your home, in the least amount of time, and hassle free. This may even mean advising you NOT to sell which can help save you time, money, and hassle.

Immediate buyout offer:

In addition to helping advise you how to sell your home FAST, HASSLE FREE, or for TOP DOLLAR, you can opt to take an IMMEDIATE BUYOUT OFFER within 48 hours from a verified income / pre-approved buyer, to avoid hassles, listings, showings, cleaning, repairs, staging, annoying neighbors, open houses, and pesky real estate agents. Our offers are competitive, and we don’t play games like other companies and large website platforms where the NET number comes way down after an inspection or “administrative fees”.

Sell your home with Bidparent:

It costs NOTHING out of pocket to try it out for a week or two. You’re getting an option for worldwide, MAXIMUM exposure on all real estate company websites and third party websites, with no risk or long term commitment. The other option is for those that are open to offers in case someone is interested in making an offer without seeing it. While statistics are in debate for higher sold prices between listing real estate agents and for sale by owners, the vast majority of people out there can benefit from FREE professional help in the real estate industry or any industry, as well as MAXIMUM exposure. It is much more likely to NET sellers of any product or service more money. With many buyers working with Buyer Agents, you’ll have a buyer pool of thousands of more buyers willing to drive the price up and pay top dollar.

I want to do it all myself:

Of course! In addition, we recommend being careful and considering FREE, no obligation and local professional recommendations from folks that have done it dozens, if not hundreds, or thousands of times. TV shows (often people that have never done it themselves…its on TV to entertain), friends, and family sometimes give advice that isn’t reality or relevant to today or your one of a kind situation. Getting the RIGHT offer is what matters (pre-qualifications without verification are meaningless). Keep in mind, Buyer Agents take work on the buying side off your plate (i.e. daily lender and title company communication, document updates, scheduling inspections, appraisals, vendors, HOA requests, answering daily questions at all hours of the day by your buyer, managing stressful issues and problem solving, etc).

Exposure, flexibility, no more annoying calls:

We know how annoying it is to get 50 calls per day from real estate agents trying to get your listing while offering no value. We want to help you avoid that. We offer flexibility, if and when you decide to sell or move, no hassle, no long term commitments, an immediate buyout offer, and flexible commissions, or potentially none at all. We provide value and free recommendations to help you achieve success.

How we benefit by offering free help:

We want people buying and selling homes to have a favorable, and most importantly, TRANSPARENT experience. We donate a portion of our income from leads generated on the website to charities that help families of fallen first responders, animals and kids. By driving traffic to Bidparent, we are both helping families get their dream home and the local community.

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