Easy and transparent way to help real estate agents save time, sell more, and earn higher commissions.

Listing agents save hours of time by eliminating inferior offers, phone calls, texts, and emails, while taking time explaining multiple offers to home sellers. Buyer agents don’t have to spend hours writing inferior offers and play guessing games.

Save your clients money, make them happy with access to homes on Bidparent that they can’t find anywhere else, and get paid well for doing so. We’ll help and are in this together!

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Keep doing what you’re doing:

We can help and take off your plate if you’re too busy or if you’re not a techie person. Or if you like to do things yourself, you’re welcome to do so as well. In either case, it’s FREE to get started with no upfront cost!

Commissions do NOT change:

It’s just structured differently. You still get paid the same. In some cases, you may even make more than before using Bidparent, and we can show you how. We are using strategies our partners that sells thousands of homes do, as well as billion dollar companies in the real estate industry.

Why you shouldn’t buy leads:

Bidparent helps agents with verified leads. We do not recommend buying leads from other popular websites or lead sources. They are expensive because of follow up systems, coaching, and business strategies needed to convert them that most agents do not know about. Leads are often recycled and have multiple agents calling them.

Tell me more about leads:

Of course! All leads sourced to you are exclusive to you and unshared, for a potential savings of thousands per month compared to other lead generation sources. We are partnering with you, so we want to make sure they are closing in the next 90-180 days. If not, we will re-assign and share different customers that may be a better fit.

Help getting buyers approved:

We have the best lender partners that verify income and other factors for buyers you’re working with now, as well as those coming in through Bidparent for cash and financing deals. They can close as fast as two to three weeks, even for FHA financing and condos, using stronger pre-approvals with pre-underwriting than most big banks and credit unions. Most buyers and their lenders can’t do this. We take this off your plate to make sure your deals close.

Spread the word:

Please share Bidparent with other agents, and let’s start a movement away from relying on the same ‘ol dated practices. One example is doing the same thing as everyone. Work smarter, not harder. Raise the standard so you don’t need to work until 90 years old. People like transparency and different. Is every business or pizza place great? Or just a few? Spread the transparency about Bidparent, and off-market properties for your clients with no up front cost!

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