Advertising Policy

This Advertising Policy (“Agreement”) is entered into by and among Bidparent (“The Company”, “Company”, “Bidparent”), and the User, Client, Property Owner, investor, business, merchant, product, brand, service, or organization (“Business”, “Businesses”) purchasing and/or creating advertising, business profile(s), featured listing, banner, or other marketing services (“Advertising”) from The Company on the day and time Advertising is purchased and/or created by said Business or created by The Company on behalf of said Business for Company related websites, mobile applications, or other marketing services which include, but are not limited to, the Bidparent website or Mobile Application. The Company and Business may be referred to singly as “Party” or collectively as “Parties.”

1. Services provided by The Company

The Company owns or operates various Mobile Applications and Websites, including, but not limited to Bidparent,, and various Business Login Dashboard Websites (the “Business Sites”), which offer Advertising Plans, Business Profiles, Mobile Application Services, and other Marketing Services to Businesses (“Advertising”). Ongoing and continued use of Advertising and the Business Site is acknowledgement and agreement to these terms herein.

2. Advertising Plan Options

Business Profiles

Basic Business Profile

Businesses can elect to enroll in a subscription for a Basic Listing or Business Profile (Profile) for free.

Featured Business Profile

Businesses that wish to gain more exposure with premium placement may pay for a Featured Listing or 1st Listing on a specific page, category, or area. Pricing and details for inclusions will also be disclosed on our Advertising pages of our Site or by calling or emailing Bidparent.

Managed Profiles

Businesses with a Profile or Premium may elect to have The Company manage and operate Activity for them with a Managed Profile (Management). Pricing for Management varies for a number reasons, such as, but not limited to volume of Activity, geography, number of locations, and Swipe count. Businesses may contact The Company or a local marketing representative for more information and pricing.

Banners, Sliders, and other listings

Businesses may purchase featured placement in other areas on the Site such as Sliders and Banners on the homepage or other pages. Pricing and details for inclusions will also be disclosed on our Advertising pages of our Site or by calling or emailing Bidparent.

All month to month advertising and market research data subscriptions can be cancelled at any time with five (5) business days notice. The company will make its best effort to cancel subscription ahead of a billing cycle to avoid a new bill from generating. In the event that the Company misses this request in writing by Business, they will refund any future monthly billing, as long as the Business submitted request in writing to 3. Business’s Obligations and Agreements

Business hereby agrees to grant The Company rights and permissions to use and publish Business name, logo, brands, or product names, or any other identifying mark, trademark, symbol or copyrighted material in conjunction with the Site, or in publications outside the Site. Business also agrees to grant The Company rights and permissions to inform the general public and other Businesses either on the Site or outside publications not on the Site, that the Business is under an Agreement with The Company, or previously was under an agreement with The Company, to establish brand awareness and brand recognition of The Company. Business further agrees to grant permission to The Company to inform other Businesses or any other third party or consumers of any Advertising or offers the Business may be offering, with or without disclosing the name of the Business prior to being published on the Site. Advertising shall in no way defame competitors.

Business agrees to place a permanent clickable re-direct link or logo (saying Bidparent, Photo Feedback, Feedback, or other text, agreed upon between both parties in writing) on said Business website, Facebook, LinkedIN, or Instagram pages, blog, or other publicly visible website or blog, that will open and/or other designated page(s) of the Site, when users of Business click on the said link or logo. Businesses have 10 calendar days from the day that they create an account with the Company to place the said link or logo, to avoid immediate termination of any/all listings, and forfeiture of any / all paid advertising or marketing subscriptions or fees until the link or logo is placed on Business page(s) mentioned above.

Advertising shall not contain any offensive, obscene or inappropriate content as determined by The Company. If you think it might upset someone, don’t advertise it!

Business understands and agrees further that Business’s compliance with Laws is a basic requirement, and that Business must also comply with The Company’s Terms of Service and Privacy Statement, which may require Business to do more than the Laws alone might mandate. Business hereby represents and warrants that Business has all rights and permissions necessary to provide or use any Content that Business does not independently own as part of any Content and to grant the rights to Business’s content granted under this Agreement. Business, Users, and Clients hereby represents and warrants that Business has obtained all governmental licenses, approvals, and authorizations necessary to provide the goods or services included as part of such Content. Images Business submits should be less than 500KB in size, and use .jpg or .jpeg images. Business understands its images may be distorted or not visible at all if Business submits files larger than this size and not these file types. The Company still may need to alter them to show on specific pages on the Site, and Business agrees that this is acceptable. Business understands and agrees that Advertising is published at random, in targeted areas based on Targeted Advertising selected. The Company does not guarantee a specific time or date when Advertising will be published on the Site. Business also understands and agrees that The Company may be unable to publish multiple Advertising campaigns while Advertising they selected is in a queue in a targeted area. After the Advertising is published, Business is free to re-publish Advertising, targeting the same areas previously targeted or new areas. The Company may not notify Business when Advertising is published. Business may cancel Advertising at any time prior to the End Date Business chose on the Site by editing Advertising on the Site or contacting It may take up to 3 business days for The Company to respond to cancellation requests if business does not edit or cancel their Advertising or through Paypal. For any Advertising on Bidparent, Business understands and agrees to publicly display at its place of business in a highly visible public area, and/or online on Business website, Mobile Application, blog, Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram page, or other online marketing connected to Business at ALL times, that The Company is the Exclusive and only method for Users to make such offers, bids, actions on specific Bidparent Content, and the preferred place to provide Content.

It is further understood and agreed that any publicly viewable marketing or advertising materials that Business plans to announce or furnish, containing said Content, will be made available on Business advertisements prior to launching any of these campaigns, NOT after Business first announces them publicly. Business will provide verification information to The Company to ensure proper reporting for tax purposes upon request, such as, but not limited to entity name, if applicable, address and contact information, Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), Federal and or State Tax Identification Information. Any discussion, negotiation, or executed Agreement with regards to pricing or other terms not disclosed herein between The Company and a Business is confidential. Business is not permitted to disclose any information to any third party regarding pricing for any Agreement, or any other additional terms discussed in confidence between The Company and the Business. Pricing and additional terms may be determined specifically for each Business based on a number of factors, and therefore it is not permissible to disclose this information to another third party.

4. The Company’s Rights Under Agreement

The Company reserves the right to validate and verify that consumers and Users have received and/or redeemed Content and information as listed on your Advertising or discussed in Private or Group Messaging on the Site at any time.

The Company reserves the right to reject any images, Advertising, or marketing campaigns submitted, in its discretion, even after they have been published on the Site. We also reserve the right to terminate accounts not adhering to these guidelines or violations of The Company’s Terms of Service (see below Section 6).

5. Advertising by The Company

Business agrees to allow The Company to advertise, free of charge, at The Company’s discretion, at Business’s location, or place of business, listing, event, and/or on Business’s website, mobile application, email newsletter, blog, mailers, or by offering employees of Business compensation or rewards to promote Bidparent to business customers, or any other public events or gatherings Business may be a part of, now, or in the future. Business is permitted to produce, make, manufacture and publicly display the The Company name, logo or other approved marketing and advertising items listed below (but not limited to these items). If The Company provides Business with instructions, templates, logos, marketing materials, or brochures in-person (collectively “The Company Marketing Materials”), or by mail, email, or other electronic methods, at each location or listing or online, or if Business markets its location or listing online through a website, blog, mobile app, email newsletter, etc., Business agrees to execute The Company Marketing Materials or placement of The Company Marketing Materials accordingly within a 30 day period of receiving The Company Marketing Materials. Business also agrees to maintain The Company Marketing Materials in a highly visible, high traffic area, both at a location or online, and that all consumers see them at all times for the entire duration of this Agreement. Failure to do so will result in termination from The Company’s services, and removal of any Advertising or Marketing Campaign, as well as forfeiture of any potential Advertising produced, even if Business information has not yet been published on the Site.

Potential Company Marketing Materials are:

Any point of purchase marketing materials

Small door/table/window/point of entry decals or table tents

Handouts, Marketing cards, or tear away pads with every purchase

Marketing end-caps, free-standing or ceiling signs

Online marketing materials

Links to The Company Site and The Company logo to be displayed on Business’s website, mobile app, blog, email newsletter, or any materials printed by Business to market or advertise its business, etc.

Printed logo, QR code, URL for The Company or Site on receipts

Other designated marketing materials to be determined in the future by The Company.

The Company will place its advertisements at its discretion, but understands that Business may have limited space. The Company will use its best efforts to minimize its advertisement placements.

The Company reserves the right to remove said Business privileges from the Site, if Business’s location or listing does not adhere to The Company’s marketing and advertising requirements as stated above in 5a and 5b.

6. Terms of Service and Privacy Statement

The Parties agree to abide by the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement. Copies of the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement can be found on The Company Site. The Terms of Service and Privacy Statement are incorporated into this Agreement by reference as if fully set forth herein. Should any provision of the Terms of Service or Privacy Statement be in conflict with this Agreement, the provision of this Agreement shall control.

7. Default

If Business shall fail to pay any required fees For Advertising under this Agreement for subscriptions or for any/all Advertising, The Company shall provide Business with written notice of the default and given 48 (forty-eight) hours to cure. If Business shall fail to cure any default, the unpaid fee(s) The Company, at its option, can remove the Business’s privileges and or Subscriptions for any/all Advertising from the Site, until all fees are paid.

All terms of this Agreement are confidential between said Business and The Company.

8. Term of Agreement; Termination

This Agreement shall become effective as of the date proscribed below. Business understands and agrees that it may take up to 10 business days from date proscribed below for The Company to publish any Market Study, or to release any Data to Business, subscribed to by the Business. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving the other written notice thereof at least five (5) days prior to the date of termination. Additionally, The Company may terminate this agreement without prior written notice as detailed in Sections 4 and 6 above.

9. Relationship of the Parties

The relationship between the parties shall at all times be that of independent contractors. No employment, partnership or joint venture relationship is formed by this Agreement. Neither Party has the authority, without the other Party’s prior written approval, to bind or commit the other Party in any way. The Company is not a vendor or co-vendor of Business’s goods and services.

10. Controlling Law

The validity, interpretation, and performance of this Agreement shall be controlled by and construed under the laws of the State of Florida, the state in which this Agreement is being executed.

11. Attorneys’ Fees and Costs

If either party shall breach any of the terms of this Agreement, the non-breaching party shall be entitled to recover from the breaching party all costs and attorneys’ fees incurred by the non-breaching party in connection with the enforcement of the obligations of this Agreement.